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Mar Chiquita offers a deluxe combo with sole and smooth

The 2020 year came with a lot of desire to continue enjoying the best fishing. Thanks to all the recommendations we have received, if we have to think of an area to visit this weekend, the Mar Chiquita lagoon wins by a landslide.


Trout Fishing – Ushuaia

Ushuaia is the cradle of the biggest trout in the world. We invite you to discover a new type of fishing. Here you can fish trout using decoy in bait cast and spinning fording the best places with experienced fishers and guides.


Dorado and Catfish Fishing – San Javier

Be part of the argentine littoral. An immense delta where the most coveted species of dorados and catfish live. An ideal place for nature lovers where fishers will enjoy an amazing journey surrounded by stunning flora and fauna.