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Mar Chiquita offers a deluxe combo with sole and smooth

The 2020 year came with a lot of desire to continue enjoying the best fishing. Thanks to all the recommendations we have received, if we have to think of an area to visit this weekend, the Mar Chiquita lagoon wins by a landslide.


Pejerrey Fishing with bait – Mar Chiquita Coastal Lagoon

Mar Chiquita’s pejerreyes are known for being the most highly combative fish over the Buenos Aires province lagoons. This fish is not very big and is a unique species in the coastal lagoon for being robust and short length.


Mullet Fishing with bait – Mar Chiquita Coastal Lagoon

Mullets are the most difficult fish of fishing. These species are mainly for sport fishing. Year after year the amount of fishers who come to fish mullets is expanding. This environment is ideal for fishing mullets.


Sole Fishing with fly – Mar Chiquita Coastal Lagoon

Mar Chiquita coastal lagoon is a great environment to fish big soles with fly. Many times due to the crystalline water we can fish seeing the fish in the water.