El Tuba Sport Fishing started in 2010 after more than 23 years of fishing in Mar Chiquita’s coastal lagoon, and seeing the potential of fishing and the diversity of species in the lagoon. We decided to start fishing in the unique environment of Argentina, in addition we are one of the few teams that provide sport fishing in this country.

After some years of fishing we  have expanded to different regions of our country discovering fishing places in our littoral. Here we found out one of the most precious fish: the dorado.


In Juramento River in Salta’s Province we began the fishing of the lingotes.

In San Javier, Santa Fe’s Province we have our own undertaking of cabins by the river.


Soon we’ll provide some international destinations where we are working already to start fishing on seas and rivers.

We always fish with passion and with spirit in every excursion.


We want to express our gratitude to our clients who daily visit us and give us their support in our adventures to discover new places for sport fishing.

This website invites you to know our work that is done with fully devotion day by day so that you enjoy an amazing fishing day and discover new destinations.

We offer these


Sole Fishing with bait – Mar Chiquita Coastal Lagoon

Mar Chiquita is a land of big soles. During almost every season we fish inside the estuary where you will be able to practice different types of fishing of this species.

Sole Fishing with fly – Mar Chiquita Coastal Lagoon

Mar Chiquita coastal lagoon is a great environment to fish big soles with fly. Many times due to the crystalline water we can fish seeing the fish in the water.

Mullet Fishing with bait – Mar Chiquita Coastal Lagoon

Mullets are the most difficult fish of fishing. These species are mainly for sport fishing. Year after year the amount of fishers who come to fish mullets is expanding. This environment is ideal for fishing mullets.

Pejerrey Fishing with bait – Mar Chiquita Coastal Lagoon

Mar Chiquita’s pejerreyes are known for being the most highly combative fish over the Buenos Aires province lagoons. This fish is not very big and is a unique species in the coastal lagoon for being robust and short length.

Dorado Fishing – Juramento Salta Challenge

Juramento rivier is not a typical river, its path is part of the longest water basin in the country. The dorado is not an ordinary fish, it is a lethal combination where river and fish lead us to a movie scenario. Join us to this adventure of floating and challenging this river where you can find the most powerful dorados on earth.

Dorado and Catfish Fishing – San Javier

Be part of the argentine littoral. An immense delta where the most coveted species of dorados and catfish live. An ideal place for nature lovers where fishers will enjoy an amazing journey surrounded by stunning flora and fauna.

Trout Fishing – Ushuaia

Ushuaia is the cradle of the biggest trout in the world. We invite you to discover a new type of fishing. Here you can fish trout using decoy in bait cast and spinning fording the best places with experienced fishers and guides.

Lemon, Sawfish, Yellow Fin, Tuna, Soles and Sea Basses Fishing – Robinson Crusoe Island

Robinson Crusoe is the main island of the remote archipelago and national park Juan Fernández located in front of the Chilean coast 68km away. It is famous for its scuba diving zones and the native fauna, amazing fishing known in the soup opera. It has 500 inhabitants. It was declared biosphere reserve by UNESCO.


Mar Chiquita


International Places

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Mar Chiquita offers a deluxe combo with sole and smooth

The 2020 year came with a lot of desire to continue enjoying the best fishing. Thanks to all the recommendations we have received, if we have to think of an area to visit this weekend, the Mar Chiquita lagoon wins by a landslide.

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